River Treasure: GoPro Hero 4, Ray Bans, IPhone, Fishing Gear And MOAR!

Another river adventure where I find a ton of sunglasses, a GoPro Hero 4, an iPhone, a bunch of cool fishing gear and lures plus an interesting assortment of car keys. I like to explore rivers and streams looking for treasures and love to make videos of my adventures.

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Fishing For Beginners – How To Cast A Spinning Reel

This is how to cast a spinning reel.

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Swan With Fishing Tackle Caught On Its Tongue

We were called out to rescue a Swan that had a huge fishing hook and thick line caught in its tongue. Unfortunatley fisherman leave hooks and lines lying around, often still with bait on them and wild animals got to eat the bait and end up getting injured.

Luckily for this swan Wildlife Aid were around to help out.

About The Wildlife Aid TV….
Ever wanted to see the goings on behind the scenes at a Wildlife Rescue Centre? Well now you can! We have super cute hedgehogs eating their dinner, dramatic rescues of wild deer and everything in between.

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Walmart Fishing Tackle Vlog

MY GoPro —
MY Canon —
Was watching some fishing videos on Youtube that inspired me to go bait shopping the other night. Tag along as I peruse the Walmart fishing section and see what tackle I can find. Please subscribe, share, comment and/or thumbs up if you liked the video.

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How To Cast A Fly Fishing Bonefish Rod With Prescott Smith; Andros, BS

Fishing girl Darcizzle gets the bonefish fly fishing tutorial and lesson of a lifetime by legendary world-renowned guide Capt. Prescott Smith, son of “Crazy Charlie,” from the Stafford Creek Lodge in Andros, Bahamas. Learn HOW TO make YOUR first fly rod cast in this video from THE master.


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Rocket Fishing Rod Ocean Challenge Pt 2! Hardest Challenge Yet!

The Rocket Fishing Rod and I have a love hate relationship. This time, I tried another ocean challenge, but put a twist on it! I customized it so that I’m running 30lb braid with a 25lb fluorocarbon liter and ALSO modified the bobber into a topwater lure! We tried so hard to catch jacks and snook, switching lures left and right; switching spots all day. We got some hits, but no commitment. At the end, we spotted a huge manatee and, well, watch and see what happens! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED! DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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TAKE ME FISHING 101: Basic Gear Assembly [Official]

” upload_time=”2009-06-04T21:16:15.000Z” description=”This video shows you step-by-step how to assemble a fishing rod and tackle. Learn how to fish with Texas Parks and Wildlife’s ‘Take Me Fishing 101’ series for” duration=”PT2M35S”]This video shows you step-by-step how to assemble a fishing rod and tackle. Learn how to fish with Texas Parks and Wildlife’s “Take Me Fishing 101” series for beginning anglers. For more information, including free fishing events in your area, visit

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SPIDER RIGGING For Crappie – How To Rig Up.

Fle Fly fishing lures make fishing more fun. Just tune in and let the folks at Fle Fly share their fishing tips, fishing techniques and fishing secrets with you on these videos. Their fishing video tips will help you catch more fish!

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Basic Fishing Gear : How To Cast Conventional Fishing Reels

Before casting a conventional fishing reel, flip a lever to make it free to cast. Learn to cast a conventional fishing reel in this free fishing video from the owner of a fishing tackle store.

Expert: Larry Mastry
Bio: Larry Mastry and his brother Dale own Mastry’s Tackle, a fixture in St. Petersburg, Fla., and together they have a half of a century’s experience in fishing.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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Pen Fishing Rod Overview Tips And Tricks

Video Demonstration of the Pen Fishing Rod features and functions. Video also discusses tips and tricks for optimizing user experience with the Pen Fishing Rod. Buy here:

Originally marketed as the Coleman Fishpen, generic versions have emerged in recent years. goFASTandLIGHT.com directly imports a special version from China that combines minimum weight, good quality & consistency and a fair price. goFASTandLIGHT.com fully tests each Pen Sized Fishing rod and wraps them with an instruction sheet prior to shipping.

The goFASTandLIGHT.com version has been adopted and used by backpackers, hikers, campers, and anyone interested in a compact fishing pole. Much lighter than a Ronco Popeil Pocket Fisherman the goFAST pen rod is a real fishing system that will catch fish.

The small pen rods, reels and accessories to complement them can be found at

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