My Fishing Tackle Cave + Custom Rod UNBOXING!

The ice fishing has been TOUGH lately. After drilling well over 200 holes I’ve yet to get back on the fish in some of the bigger lakes located in Northern IL. Needless to say I still wanted to get a video out to you guys even though it isn’t the best. Just know that I really am trying to put in the grind out there on the hardwater with hopes to capture a quality video for you guys. Hopefully this weekend I can figure something out and pin these fish lurking under the ice. Thanks for watching and good fishing!
–Young Plug

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Equipment Mentioned in todays video:
-Tackle trays: Flambeau 5005 WP boxes
-Computer: 2013 iMac base
-Rod: Langer ice rod
-Fish tank: 50gal
-Vexilar: FL-18 w/ stock transducer
-1st Pelican: 1600 size case
-2nd Pelican: 1200 size case
-Pineapple: Dole
-Dog: smells
-Apbassin: has no friends

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