Vintage Fishing Tackle Experiment

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DROPSHOT Guide – The Most Effective Rig In Bass Fishing

An extensive guide to using the dropshot rig to catch largemouth bass.

Check out my favorite drop shot baits and tackle!
1) Roboworm Straight Tail Worm Bait (Aaron’s Magic, 4 1/2-Inch):
2) Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot Hook-Pack Of 25:
3) Eco Pro Tungsten 3/8 -Ounce Pro Drop Shot (Pack of 3):

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Bass Pro Shops ~ $50 Challenge !!! Best Bass Fishing Tackle !

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Bass Fishing Tackle Tips – Crankbait Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques

How to fish and where to fish crankbaits during winter and prespawn is discussed in this fishing tips video by Lake Fork Bass Fishing Guide Stephen Fatherree In this bass fishing tackle tips video learn what line to use with crankbait fishing for winter and prespawn crankbaits.

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World’s STRONGEST Fishing Rod? Unbreakable?

Rods can be purchased at Bite Me Bait Shack (305) 257-1117

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How To Un-Snag A Lure | Lure Retriever | Bass Fishing

Snagging lures is commonplace when fishing. Don’t us a lure retriever. Here’s free ways to get a lure unstuck. Retrieve your lure quick and easy without buying a lure retriever.

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The New Rocket Fishing Rod

The Rocket Fishing Rod makes fishing fun for kids with an easy-to-cast system that allows you to just point and shoot. Do not just cast. Blast 10, 20, 30 feet with the touch of a button. Fishing rocks with the Rocket Fishing Rod featuring rocket launch casting system, hi-tech engineering, a patented hook hiding bobber that hides the hook until it hits the water, and a safety release, so it only launches when you’re ready! Fishing has never so fun and easy! No more crazy casting, just pump, aim, launch and hit your mark every time! Now fishing is even easier with Rocket Fishing Rod. Rocket Fishing Rod Features:
Patented safety bobber hides the hook until it hits the water
Easy to cast just point and shoot and the safety bobber all but eliminates snags; patented design Rugged ABS construction
For ages 8 yrs. and up.

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My Fishing Tackle Cave + Custom Rod UNBOXING!

The ice fishing has been TOUGH lately. After drilling well over 200 holes I’ve yet to get back on the fish in some of the bigger lakes located in Northern IL. Needless to say I still wanted to get a video out to you guys even though it isn’t the best. Just know that I really am trying to put in the grind out there on the hardwater with hopes to capture a quality video for you guys. Hopefully this weekend I can figure something out and pin these fish lurking under the ice. Thanks for watching and good fishing!
–Young Plug

Song: Nothing — Artist: degsproductions
Song: the rains — Artist: tessellated & kasia

Langer Ice Rods Email:

Langer Ice Rod’s Instagram:

Equipment Mentioned in todays video:
-Tackle trays: Flambeau 5005 WP boxes
-Computer: 2013 iMac base
-Rod: Langer ice rod
-Fish tank: 50gal
-Vexilar: FL-18 w/ stock transducer
-1st Pelican: 1600 size case
-2nd Pelican: 1200 size case
-Pineapple: Dole
-Dog: smells
-Apbassin: has no friends

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Home Made Fishing Rod Holder

time lapse of me making a Rod Holder for their Kayak here is an idea!
just slapped together within 40 minutes!
will be mainly used for storage using the 3 vertical holders!
the Esky needs a fixing point/strapped down to the kayak so the Esky does not fall in if bait fishing with the side holders!
thanks all for the positive comments if i knew it would get this many hits i would have done a bit better job.. but like i said its only something i knocked up at the last minute..! to all the negative ppl… go eat a fat one.. hahaha

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Bass Fishing Rod & Reel Arsenal — 2016 Edition.

Where to buy Cousin’s Rods:
Where to buy Shimano Reels:

Where to buy that dope sweatshirt:

NOTE: If there is a specific rod you are looking for that is not on Tackle Warehouse, call this number (714-893-0423) and let someone know there that Fishing The Midwest said to call that number to order a stick through the phone.

Yea another NOTE: I did not pay full price for these reels. Most of them I got half or more through eBay which is a great way to find some pretty solid deals. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable source.


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